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Jimi, Oh Jimi – Our Style Hero



Jimi Hendrix is a musical icon.

After his life being snatched away at such a tragically young age, his musical legacy has certainly lived on. However his mark has been left in more one way as his image has also stood the test of time and he is still hailed as an absolute hero in the style stakes. His creativity and artistry take on a visual form in the clothes and accessories that he wears and this allows people to connect with him in more than one way. His flair for fashion is unique, playful and inquisitive – and simply just quite beautiful. Let’s take a look…




Jimi is an expert with colours. He wears colours that most people would shy away from and then puts them all together creating a psychedelic spectrum. Using these colours all in one melting pot creates a sense of other-worldliness in that we are seeing colours that are brighter and bolder than those in everyday items in our everyday lives. In a world of mundane and drab Jimi looks effervescent.






Each piece stands alone in Jimi’s outfits. Each element is interesting and demands attention, asking for more time be poured over them than just a quick glance. His talent for gathering individual treasures and putting them all together makes for truly head-turning outfits. Jimi’s clothes showcase a plethora of different textures and details; leather and metal belts with velvets and silks, jackets with wool trims, silken headscarfs, rings and necklaces – these all add to the depth of each one of his outfits.





The ultimate peacock, Jimi’s clothes seem to be there simply to decorate him. His style staples are layers of beautiful flowing fabrics full of colour and patterns and a constant inclusion of accessories and enticing details. More is more creating a richness in style that draws us in like a moth to light.

Jimi’s style steps outside of convention and he really brings together everything that is fun about fashion. Jimi Hendrix, what a hero!