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9 Times A Scarf Made The Outfit


A scarf isn’t a necessity it is a CHOICE!

Therefore – whenever you wear a scarf you are making a style statement. By simply putting that little (or large) piece of fabric on your head, hips, bag or around your neck you are adding a stylistic signature to your outfit.

Accessorising with a scarf is one the easiest ways to make an outfit your own.

They can be worn with anything and are so versatile that they can be used again and again to create different looks.

We’ve found some of our favourites to give you some inspiration:

jean shrimpton headscarf

Jean Shrimpton turns her floral scarf into a gorgeous headscarf.  This creates a demure feel and adds a feminine touch to the overall look.


kate moss

Here Kate Moss elevates a plain black top with a complimenting and detailed thin neck scarf. As well as adding colour it gives the whole look an air of elegance.


vivian leigh

Vivian Leigh looks spectacular here and a lot of it is to do with that stunning scarf. The ornate beading and the translucent material give her a magical edge, creating an extremely glamorous look with minimal effort.


britt ekland


This scarf is most likely a pussycat bow from her shirt but Britt Ekland’s look is most certainly achievable with a thin scarf. The bow gives a sense of fun and playfulness to the outfit. You could have it like Britt and go with block colours, or add a bit more impact with a zany pattern.


miranda kerr


Miranda’s look here is oh so simple and oh so effective. Pairing a wonderfully patterned and beautifully colourful scarf like Miranda’s with a plain and easy outfit adds enough flair to make a simple outfit totally stylish.


audrey hepburn


Audrey Hepburn’s black silhouette outfit from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is iconic. The coupling of the white scarf with the hat breaks up the black and softens the line making Audrey’s outfit, simple, elegant, feminine and unforgettable.


jane birkin


Jane Birkin has an ability to always look like her clothes are thrown on without too much thought which is what makes her sense of style so charming and allusive. Here is a classic example of how she easily pairs items together to create an easy and carefree style.


claudia schiffer


Claudia Schiffer’s scarf echoes the billowing shape of her sleeves complimenting and adding to the breeziness of her outfit. The addition of the scarf gives a touch of colour which makes the whole outfit come alive.


briggitte bardot


Brigitte Bardot’s scarf makes this outfit sing in full bohemian glory. The whole outfit has a very laid back yet seductive feel about it due to the large accessories decorating her. The scarf here give a nomadic feel and makes the whole outfit look much more unique.


Which looks will you be trying out?

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