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7 Times It Was All About The Tie

keith richards

A tie can often be thought about in a singular way, but the reality is a tie can come in many different patterns, colours and sizes. A tie has the ability to change the whole essence of an outfit.

Equally as powerful as part of a background canvas, or as a spectacle in the forefront drawing the eye in; here are 7 times it was all about the tie…


david bowie

Bowie manages to simultaneously look smart and effortlessly cool.  His tie becomes a focal point by adding the only snippet of pattern to a bed of block colours and clean lines.


clark gable

The ‘King of Hollywood’ demonstrates the  classic look of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This style is all about detail. The look is so well put together that it reads as a whole, but without a good tie the outfit would look incomplete.


paul mccartney

Paul shakes things up with a powder blue suit and a clashing tie showing how to have fun and play with a classic combination.  The warm tones of the tie with the cool blue jacket act as a wonderful antithesis making this one trippy outfit.


mick jagger

Mick lets his attitude do the walking and his clothes do the talking with this skinny tie – a subtle but impactful twist on the classic. This simple detail dictates the whole tone of the look.


david gandy

David adds a darker, richer colour tie to his dapper outfit. Being tucked in it does not vie for attention from the checkered waistcoat but serves the outfit by giving depth to an otherwise singular palette.


john lennon

John breaks the rules by wearing a school tie. One accessory that most people would be loath to wear again, John shows how you can look awesome by thinking out of the box and wearing something old in a new context.


keith richards

Keith makes a statement in his oversized Dennis the Menace tie. This tie is bold and he is not apologising for it one bit as he pairs it with an equally loud shirt and trousers. Friggin’ brilliant.

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